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Dreams Deferred: Black Lives in Indian Literature of the Bandung Era 

The Caravan (2022)

A long-form essay on Afro-Asian solidarity in 1960s-70s literature

Justice for Jayaraj and Bennix

London Review of Books blog (2020)

A short explainer on recent cases of police brutality in India

The Lone Strokes

Open (2020)

An essay on isolation in the art of Nasreen Mohamedi and Tyeb Mehta


A Template for Violence

The Caravan (2019)

A long read, combining reportage and historical study, on the 1969 Gujarat riots


Brewing Discontent

The Caravan (2018)

A report on the politics of the mahua flower in Madhya Pradesh's Umaria district, leading up to the state's assembly elections

Is There an Identity Crisis?

Open Magazine (2018)

A personal reflection on the situation of young contemporary dance makers in India

Jack Gilbert, The Poet of My Heart

The Hindu BLInk (2018)

A meditative and critical essay on the power of Jack Gilbert's poetry

Losing the Plot: A Cult Filmmaker’s Indian Misadventure

The Caravan (2017)

Digging into the past of Alejandro Jodorowsky's "buried" Indian film

Possessing Skies: Shilpa Gupta

Asymptote (2017)

A reading of Indian visual artist Shilpa Gupta's language-based installations

Podcasts and Talks 


The Statues are Falling!

Bangalore International Centre (2020)

A conversation with SOAS-based academic Rahul Rao on the politics and morality of erecting and felling statues

Identity, Belonging, and Dislocation 

Bangalore International Centre (2020)

A conversation with Indian writer Annie Zaidi about her Nine Dots Prize-winning work, 

Bread, Cement, Cactus


Poetry, Nature, and a Changing World

Bangalore International Centre (2020)

A conversation with British poet Ruth Padel about her work


Welcome to a Pakistani 'wonderlogue'

Livemint (2020)

on Mirza Athar Baig's Urdu novel in translation, Hassan's State of Affairs

The Lives of the Original Public Women

Livemint (2019)

on Saba Dewan's Tawaifnama

Praying for Time

Livemint (2018)

on Anjum Hasan's short story collection, A Day in the Life

King Lear in India

Open Magazine (2017)

on Preti Taneja's We That Are Young


Poems in Saffron Ink  (2017)

काला अक्षर भैंस बराबर and River Letters

Prelude  (2017)


Indiana Review (2015) 

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